If your dog is fearful of sounds, then staying home and celebrate Fourth of July or New Year's Eve in your recliner is an excellent choice for you and your dog. Here are some safety tis, so your entire household is relaxed.

Freeze Food Stuffed Toys - A day or two before New Year's Eve, stuff yur dog's food stuffed toys and freeze for at least 24 hrs. Food toys keep your dog's brain busy by making him focus on the yummy food inside for app. 20 min. Maybe two stuffed toys will keep him busy and afterwards tired, as most fireworks begin at dusk.

Provide yummy Chewies - it will be a mental stimulation, all chews must be supervised.

Keep the TV on - Music and TV sounds will keep outside noise levels to a minimum.

Leash your dog to potty outside - When taking your dog to potty outside, leash your dog! Every year the shelters are flooded with dogs that panicked and escaped their own yards, even with 6-foot fence. 

Consider medications or supplements - Ask your veterinarian ahead of time for medication that will keep your dog calm, but not tranquilized! Supplements work well for mildly frightened dogs. Check with your veterinarian as well. They will tell you which ones are a good choice and how much you need to give. Source: Dog Training Nation

More Safety tips from www.adopt-a-pet.com

Update Identification - even dogs kept inside can enter an extreme panic mode and break windows. Make sure your pets are licensed, micro chipped and wearing ID tags. Make sure the micro chip company has your current address and phone number.

Keep pets indoors - If you're having guests, consider keeping pets in a room that's off-limits to guests with plenty of water, food and music playing.

Surround them with their favorite toys and other family objects. Sometimes the smell of an article of clothing from the laundry comfort them.

Happy New Year!